Asterion, After Borges

‘The house is the same size as the world; or rather it is the world.’
Jorge Luis Borges

Asterion is a live exploration of a virtual labyrinth, presented through a unique projected artwork. A combination of digital architecture, live reading and emergent soundscapes, it is a multi-threaded exploration of the Minotaur myth.

Over its duration, Asterion guides the audience through a virtual maze, visible only in flashes of white light. A videogame designed not to be played, but performed, it reaches towards the strange and esoteric nature of that medium in order to explore how the Borges Minotaur might be the model for the contemporary human subject, fragmented by a digital labyrinth of their own making.

First performed at publisher Penned in the Margins’ EVP Sessions, the project is currently in development towards a series of live-streamed performances, exploring the digital labyrinth and its generative soundscapes for a online audience.