Jump Over the Age is Gareth Damian Martin.

Gareth Damian Martin is a writer, game designer and artist.

He is the editor and creator of the games and architecture zine Heterotopias as well as a Eurogamer columnist and respected games journalist. He was recently nominated for the prestigious New York Game Critics Circle Games Journalism Award and his writing has been described by Arkane Studio’s Harvey Smith as “both beautiful and illuminating.” He has self-published procedural prose work including the parallel novellas of TH_READ and the infinite urban landscape of The Narrated City, and he is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London.

He is also a game designer, having worked with the British interactive theatre company Coney in designing and programming narrative games for clients like the Imperial War Museum, and last year with the collective Tower Team Games, he led the design of The Tower at Tortenna, one of the winning entries in the Dreamhack Jam. He also has over a decade of experience working in graphic and video design, for a huge range of clients from The Lego Company, and NASA to the London Philharmonic Orchestra and New York’s Metropolitan Museum.

In Other Waters will be his first commercial game.